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The company has established a professional research institute in charge of research and development of anchor chain manufacturing equipment, new product and new technology. The company has employed more than 200 technicians with associate’s degree and above, of whom 59 have middle-level or above titles (including 21 senior engineers, 3 senior technicians, 24 engineers, and 11 technicians), and several people won the title of “Zhenjiang Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution” and the award for “Zhenjiang Self-innovation Outstanding Person”. The company has complete test, detection equipment/facilities and machining workshops, wherein 90% chain making equipment/facilities are designed and produced independently or jointly with scientific research universities. Since 1990s, the company has cooperated with 12 scientific research universities successively. Since 2000, the research and development on infinite change conveying device, five-ring length measurement, flaw detection tower, material, heat treatment furnace and welding control system have been carried out successively, obtaining certain achievements.