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Zheng Mao Group Co., Ltd. (original Zhenjiang Anchor Chain Factory) is a modern professional anchor chain manufacturer with the largest scale, the most powerful equipment strength and the highest technical level in China and one of the national mechanical and electrical product export bases. The company adopts advanced technology and equipment Grade II and III ф11~ф187mm marine welded anchor chain produced according to ISO1704, GB/T549-2008, world famous classification society standards, R3, R3S, R4、R4S、R5、R6 mooring chains and military chains, helicopter rigging and balance parts. The marine welded anchor chains have obtained the approval of CCS, LR, ABS, DNV, NK, BV, GL, RINA, KR,  RS and other world famous classification societies. The mooring chains have obtained the approvals of LR, ABS and DNV and got the right of using API label and quality management system. The company can also design and manufacture various steel welded anchor chains and accessories according to customer demands.

The company passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality System by CSQA, and owns perfect quality assurance system, and advanced physical and chemical inspection equipment and detection equipment. “San Shan” marine electric welded anchor chain has awarded National Gold Modal. Products have been exported to 50 countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, U.S.A, Germany, Norway, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

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