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Enterprise history


Zheng Mao Group Co., Ltd., originally known as Zhenjiang Anchor Chain Factory founded in 1974, was commissioned in January 1978 and became the first enterprise producing marine anchor chains with flash welding technology.


In 1991,the company had an annual output of more than 10,000t.                          




In August 1992,China State Shipbuilding Corporation decided to merge the original Zhenjiang Anchor Chain Factory, Runzhou Shipbuilding Factory and Shanghai Marine Anchor Chain Factory into Zhenjiang General Anchor Chain Factory, becoming a national large Class II enterprise.





In August 1994,with the support of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Zhenjiang General Anchor Chain Factory was reconstructed and Zheng Mao Group Co., Ltd. was founded.          





                                In 1997,the company had an annual output of 30,000t anchor chains.






In 2009,the company had an annual output of 70,000t, including 15,000t mooring chains.